Easy/Frugal Kitchen Tips

1.   To make ice cream easier to serve SLICE it with a knife  (you can run it under hot water if        you need to.  This also makes it easier to see that everyone is getting about the same amount.

2.   When drinking anything from a can, turn the tab around.  Put your straw through the tab, this helps keep it from coming out of the can.

3.   Flavor free/un scented dental floss is a great way to cut cakes, cheese, rolls or any other soft solids.

4.   Use a funnel to fill an empty, clean ketchup bottle with pancake batter.  Easily squeeze out the mix with out the mess.

5.   To get more use out of your muffin/cupcake pan:  use them to hold condiments at a bbq (instead of all the jars and bottles cluttering the table).  You can also put your toddlers dinner or snack’s in it, using each little cup for each food item.

6.   Recycle a pants hanger for a cook book holder.  Hang it on the cabinet door and slip the recipe or cook book in the clips.

7.   Frozen grapes make a great way to chill white wine, without watering it down.

8.   A no mess way to “DUNK” your cookies is to stick a fork in the cream part (between the two cookies).

9.   I have to admit I have never tried this but it is a great way to re-purpose something that would normally go in the trash.  Use a clean, dry empty cd spindle as a bagel carrier.  No more smashed lunch.

10.  The green lids on your parmesan cheese will screw onto your canning jars.  NO you can’t use them for canning, but work great for storage.

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