Cooking Ground Beef (boiling)

One of the (fairly) local stores had ground beef on sale for a price I haven’t seen in quite awhile (but still higher priced than I would like).  So yesterday I went and bought 4 big packages, total wt was 17.51 lbs.    I like to pre cook and package it so all I have to do is grab a small pk. and toss in the spaghetti sauce etc.

But it’s a pain in the but to cook that much.  That is until now.  I have read on quite a few blogs/forums that they boil it.  Well I wasn’t so sure about it, but decided to give it a try.

I started with just a small sauce pot and small amount of burger.  Boiled that small amt and tasted it… different.  So out comes the big stock pot.

I broke apart (5 or 6 chunks)  1 pk and put it in the  pot, added a little S&P and water. Enough water to cover just a tad above the meat.  Stir,  it helps break up the meat.  Let it boil, stir a few more times to break up into smaller pieces.  Drain through a strainer and there you have your cooked ground beef.

I never thought to time it.  But I’d have to say once it started boiling it took 10 maybe 15 min.  I cooked 2 more pks this way with onion added (didn’t have green pepper to add).   After this cooled,  I packed it into meal size portions (for tacos, wraps, spaghetti etc).  The beef with the onion is the start of chili.

Also most of the post’s I’ve read say they cool the liquid and skim the grease off the top and use the liquid as beef broth.  I didn’t do this.

This will be my new way of cooking ground beef.   Give it a try it is so much quicker and less mess.

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