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Great way to make a BLT

I found a face book page called Foodie Friends and they shared this great idea on how to keep the bacon from falling off your blt.  Check them out.

Idea from Foodie Friends fb page


I just read an article about Rape…..

The information contained in the article is stuff I’m sure everyone has heard before.  Some of it is  just common sense.  But I thought I’d put the link on here just as a reminder.   Stay safe!!

daily: womans day magazine

Woman’s Day magazine offers a good selection of contests to enter.  This is on-going as the prizes change.  After you click on the “enter to win” link don’t forget to read over the info.  Right at the TOP of the form is a link (in blue) to click on if you don’t want to subscribe to the magazine… have to do this everytime you enter one of them.   Nice prizes,  everything from tooth brushes to trips.

An Easy way to Sharpen your Scissors

Take a piece of tin foil, and fold it 4-5 times in a square. Then, starting at one edge of the  foil square,  cut through the foil multiple times. Until all of the tin foil is cut up… by this time, your scissors should be nice and sharp once again!

As long as it isn’t sticky you can recycle and use foil  that has been used for something else.