Review: Orville Redenbacher’s Smart Pop

After deciding I needed a snack (ok wanted NOT needed), I decided to have popcorn.  ORB Smart Pop 94% fat free, Butter,  pop up bowl to be exact.

I have to say it popped great, there were only 6 kernels left unpopped.  Taste……There was no taste.  It was very dry.  No salt.  Even though the box said “BUTTER” there was none (I didn’t even need to wash my hands when I finished).  I’m guessing that is where the 94% fat free part comes from.?.   Personally I think popcorn from a hot air machine tastes better than this did.

The pop up bowl was nice.   It is basically like a baggie with a paper wrapper around it, that forms a bowl once popped.  No greasy mess to soak through the bag…..oh wait that might have been because there was no butter. It sat perfectly on the table, didn’t tip when I put my hand inside.  This type of package would be great if you had popcorn that actually had butter on it.

The only way I’ll be getting anymore of this is if I have a coupon and paired with a sale it makes it free.

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