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What a long day.

I’ve been out of bed since 5am.  Seems like it’s already been 48 hours.  I’ve done nothing today but I’m extreemly tired, have no energy at all.

I’m sure it’s because I over did it the last few days, causing pain in various body parts…..thus causing several nights  with very little sleep.  You’d think I’d know better.  Oh well such is life I guess.

Review: Orville Redenbacher’s Smart Pop

After deciding I needed a snack (ok wanted NOT needed), I decided to have popcorn.  ORB Smart Pop 94% fat free, Butter,  pop up bowl to be exact.

I have to say it popped great, there were only 6 kernels left unpopped.  Taste……There was no taste.  It was very dry.  No salt.  Even though the box said “BUTTER” there was none (I didn’t even need to wash my hands when I finished).  I’m guessing that is where the 94% fat free part comes from.?.   Personally I think popcorn from a hot air machine tastes better than this did.

The pop up bowl was nice.   It is basically like a baggie with a paper wrapper around it, that forms a bowl once popped.  No greasy mess to soak through the bag…..oh wait that might have been because there was no butter. It sat perfectly on the table, didn’t tip when I put my hand inside.  This type of package would be great if you had popcorn that actually had butter on it.

The only way I’ll be getting anymore of this is if I have a coupon and paired with a sale it makes it free.

I find it funny that…….

When I started this I was having a good day and thought I’d be able to write and post allot.  Well as you can see that hasn’t happened. ~lol~

Old “Arthur” has been flaring up quite often.  A few of which I couldn’t walk or close my hands. I know it’s because I’ve been trying  to do more for longer periods of time than I had been doing after quiting work.  Today it’s my knee, yesterday it was my neck and shoulders. 

Not working has helped me physically so much.   It took several months of not doing anything after I left work, for me to be able to do small amounts of things and not be in tears because of the pain.  I did things in 5 to 10 minute increments, so as not to over use / aggravate any one area of the body.  The minute I’d feel a twinge like something was going to hurt I’d stop what I was doing.  The pain had been unbearable for so long and I didn’t want to go back to that again.  I didn’t want to go back to feeling death would be better than the pain. So to me doing things in 5 to 10 minute increments was a great way to help. Dealing with a lesser amount of pain that didn’t cause me to cry was so much better.  I also didn’t have to be afraid I was going to hurt someone if they touched me. 

BUT then along came other health problems. Was told I needed to get more active etc.   So I’ve been trying to walk everyday (and a few other things).  Again I do these things in small amounts of time.  Well after about 8 months my pain level is allot higher again, my legs get numb and tingly again with walking or standing, sometimes just sitting it will happen, plus more flair ups of swelling.

I feel like it’s one of those “I’m damned if I do, I’m damned if I don’t” type of things. 

Ok I’ll stop whining now.  ~lol~

Hope anyone that might be reading this has a great day.